The "00" section designates the most elite and trusted agents in British Intelligence. While James Bond holds the number 007, many of his contemporaries make appearances in his adventures.

In Goldfinger and The Living Daylights, M threatens to replace 007 with 008 unless Bond can remain detached in his missions. In Thunderball, every 00 agent in Europe attends a briefing on Operation Thunderball. In The Man With The Golden Gun, Bond and Moneypenny discuss Bill Fairbanks, the late 002, assassinated by Francisco Scaramanga in the arms of dancer Saida. A new 002 accompanies 004 and 007 on a training exercise on the Rock of Gibraltar in The Living Daylights, but an assassin eliminates 004. 009 dies in Octopussy, dressed as a clown carrying a forged Fabergé Egg. In A View To A Kill, Bond discovers 003's frozen body in Siberia, with a vital microchip in a locket. In The World Is Not Enough, a new 009 shoots terrorist Renard in the head. In GoldenEye, Alec Trevelyan, 006, is a traitor who uses his position to plot the ultimate betrayal of Great Britain. In Ian Fleming's novels, 007 shars an office with 008 and 0011.

The agents who populate this section's ranks are the UK's secret aristocracy, the Western World's silent saviours, the civil servants entrusted with matters of life and death, who carry the burden of a license to kill.

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