The Aston Martin DBS, originally produced from 1967 to 1972, features in On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Diamonds Are Forever. A newer version of the DBS, based on the DB9 model, awaits 007 when he arrives in Montenegro for the high-stakes poker game at the Hotel Splendide in Casino Royale.

In On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Bond, driving a silver DBS, pursues a suicidal Tracy Di Vicenzo in her red Mercury Cougar. Finding her car abandoned on a Portuguese coastal road, Bond opens the glove comaprtment to reveal a sniper rifle with telescopic sight. Bond uses the sight to spy on Tracy as she enters the water, intent on drowning herself. 007 speeds the DBS across the dunes to rescue her. At the end of the film, Bond and Tracy leave on honeymoon in the DBS. When Bond stops on a mountain road to remove the wedding flowers from the car, Ernst Stavro Blofeld drives past in a Mercedes. Irma Bunt in the back seat fires a machine gun at the DBS, killing Tracy. The DBS appears only briefly in Diamonds Are Forever, in the background of Q's workshop.

In Casino Royale, 007 discovers that the glove compartment of his new Aston Martin DBS contains a Walther P99 with silencer, a Medipac, and several combipens. When Valenka poisons Bond, he stumbles to the DBS and, with Vesper Lynd's timely intervention, uses the Medipac to counteract the digitalis in his system.

Bond later uses the DBS to pursue Le Chiffre and his men when they kidnap Vesper. When he sees Vesper tied up in the middle of the road, he swerves the speeding DBS, launching the car into seven barrel rolls before finally crashing.

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