The Walther P99, introduced in 1996, is a semi-automatic pistol and an updated version of the Walther PPK 7.65 mm. With a magazine capacity of ten to sixteen rounds as opposed to the 7.65's seven rounds, this weapon offers more firepower.

Although Bond has repeatedly asked Q for a P99, it's not until he's in a safe house for the Chinese People's External Security Force in Tomorrow Never Dies that he acquires one for the first time. Attaching a silencer to the P99, he uses it in his mission to effectively attack media mogul Elliot Carver's stealth ship.

In The World Is Not Enough, the P99 includes a blinding flash mechanism, activated when Bond pushes a small protrustion on his Calvin Klein glasses. In Die Another Day, a P99 is hidden in Bond's surfboard saboteur kit.

Casino Royale sees Bond get into trouble with M when he shoots the terrorist Mollaka with his P99 in front of CCTV cameras at the Nambutu Embassy in Madagascar. When Bond arrives in Montenegro, he discovers a P99 fitted with a silencer in the glove compartment of his new Aston Martin DBS and places it in a brown envelope. During a break in the poker game with Le Chiffre, Bond returns to his hotel, collects the envelope from reception, and steps into the elevator with Vesper Lynd. Hearing angry voices coming from Le Chiffre's room (thanks to a bug), Bond pulls the P99 from the parcel, though he never gets the chance to use it.

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